Top Resources for Motorcyclists

nzcruisergroup Top Resources for Motorcyclists - Top Resources for Motorcyclists

If you are a loyal reader of NZ Cruiser Group and would like to include more featured sites in your reading list, these are the sites you can check out. A few of them are sites to buy equipment, some of the best products and even cool motorcycles you might enjoy.


This online store is a great place to buy your equipment. They have a great variety of products and they offer good prices. You can subscribe.


One of the largest online stores in the world where you can get original leather jackets at half price, gloves or any gear and clothing needed to look like a real biker.

eBay Motorcycles

eBay Motorcycles is an excellent online site for buying motorcycles. While it is not a recommended site for all types of buyers, if you are specifically looking for a “unicorn” type of bike here you can certainly get it.


If you like to entertain yourself watching videos about motorcycles on platforms like YouTube, there are undoubtedly some channels you should follow to increase your knowledge but above all to have fun with your favourite hobby.


This YouTube channel is from an outgoing young man who creates motorcycle adventures. Through fast and entertaining cuts, this adventurer rides a Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R in his videos and is sure to get some laughs.


This very stubborn but good-hearted moto vlogger is a fan of using a motorcycle as a means of creating an adventure. On his channel, you will also find fun sections like “Cooking with Dan”.


The channel is by a girl from New Zealand riding a 2002 Suzuki GSX 250 classic in green. She shows a brave and risky personality that will surely entertain and engage you for hours.


If you like videos of awful drivers flooded with funny comments, this is the channel for you. This man has included in his list of videos a short film where he stops a cop for driving improperly. Yes, it’s a hatchet job when it comes to traffic violations.


If you like to see bikers doing wheelies on their bikes, then you will definitely like JTGS. A moto vlogger that will get the adrenaline pumping in your veins.