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We work very hard at NZ Cruiser Group creating quality content and building credibility that makes our magazine the benchmark for all bikers and fans.

Our interest in keeping you up to date with the relevant articles, understanding that new trends and resources emerge for amateur motorcyclists in New Zealand makes us put a lot of dedication in what we do.

Without a doubt, NZ Cruiser Group is a must-have magazine as a guide to buying your bike. You will find that it contains practical advice to help you choose as well as tips for your bike’s maintenance and all the tricks you need to know.

Some of our articles are available for free, but the best ones we keep for the readers who decide to subscribe to the magazine. Subscribers will be able to access resources with exclusive interviews, immediate availability of all the information about the exciting world of two wheels.

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If you want to enjoy exclusive articles and issues of our magazine about new trends in motorcycles and even exclusive interviews with important characters who love motorcycles, we have a perfect option for you.

For just $3 a month, you can take advantage of these benefits and receive an email notification about every update at NZ Cruiser Group.

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This package will be a delight for all motorcycle lovers, as it includes everything the Incredibly Affordable Package has, and even more. For $5 a month, this package offers a raffle to our members where you can win a bag of prizes.

The prizes range from parts and accessories to improve your bike, gift cards, and coupons to attend motorcycle events for two in the best places in the world.

If motorcycling is something you appreciate and love, then this offer will be a blessing to both your curiosity and your satisfaction. Try this today. Contact us now.