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nzcruisergroup about - Our MagazineWe are an active organization founded 4 years ago focused on providing all the necessary information about motorcycles and bikers both beginners and experts. We offer tools for readers to become the best and most responsible bikers and find a space to find motorcycling clubs and eventually join them.

Our goal is to motivate every user who visits our digital magazine to be responsible riders. At NZ Cruiser Group, we merge the passion for motorcycling with the internet creating a great business opportunity.

Besides, we want each reader to become a great motorcyclist or a great fan of motorcycles, but in a responsible way.

We have a team committed to giving the best of themselves by constantly gathering information about motorcycles and motorbikes. We also have a list of the best motorcycle clubs so you can choose the one that best suits you and join. These clubs have different interests ranging from charity to adventure travel.

Our motivation comes from a taste for motorcycles that many have turned into a lifestyle. This is demonstrated by the thousands of motorcyclists who, for example, take advantage of the weekends to go for a ride in their units, enjoy the scenery and disconnect a little from the routine.

Within the values of NZ Cruiser Group as a digital magazine is to encourage positivity and an adventurous spirit, to have a positive attitude no matter what age you are. We maintain a service attitude by generating important and interesting information.