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Top 8 Motorcycling Clubs in New Zealand

If you are a biker or a simple amateur looking to meet people with the same interests, you will love this article as it is all about the best motorcycle clubs to get in touch with other bikers.

Join one of these groups and enjoy the company of those who have the same interest you do in bikes.

Patriots DFMC (New Zealand) Inc. (Auckland Chapter)

This club covers the area north of Auckland in New Zealand. Patriots DFMC is made up of women and men who are members or former members of the Defence Force and enjoy a passion for riding motorcycles while serving the country.

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If you like motorcycles and also support charities, this club is the ideal one for you. BRO-CCAB is a club of female and male bikers who support charities. The club even holds a Certificate and are included under the Charity Trust Act.

Ulysses North Harbour

This club is ideal for people aged 40 and over. The goal of Ulysses North Harbour is to provide a space for older motorcycle enthusiasts who want company and support. This club proves that no matter how old you are, riding motorcycles is a fun hobby.

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Road Rats MC

With the motto of “walk, represent, respect”, this club has members interested in good habits. Road Rats MC is a group totally against illegal activities.

Auckland Motorcycle Club

This club supports motorcycle events where a good public image is conveyed. Also, the Auckland Motorcycle Club is interested in training new riders by teaching those riding techniques and thus helping them to project themselves as good motorcyclists.

Nelson Custom Motorcycle Club

This is a social club made up of motorcycle enthusiasts who love custom bikes regardless of style, make or model. The best thing about this club is that you don’t necessarily have to have a motorcycle, you can just be a motorcycle fan.

BMW Motorcycle Club NZ

BMW Motorcycle Club NZ is a club that brings together fans of BMW motorcycles, old and new. This club is active through weekly and monthly meetings, as well as supporting motorcycle events.

The team has a monthly newsletter that features interesting stories, articles, and details of upcoming events.

Grease Monkeys –Top Bike Building Club

This club builds motorcycles and brings together fans who like to share stories, anecdotes, and thoughts. It is also a support group where you can find advice, mutual help and share ideas.

When you join one of these clubs, you will realize how passionate people can be. You will also be able to learn and have new experiences. Contact one of these groups and start a new adventure today.